Why and How To Detox Your Body + The Benefits

Detoxification is the process of removing toxic substances. Detoxification (on a medical level) is removing toxins from the blood. Between poor diet, not enough good quality water, a sedentary lifestyle (not sweating enough) and the toxic air we breathe (often times in our own homes) - we accumulate toxins.

In Chinese Medicine, they talk about detoxifying every season - at least 4 times per year to get rid of the old and make way for the new. Others say at least one time per year is needed to achieve a greater state of health. The bottom line, how often do our organs get to have a vacation - to rest and restore so they can work even better for us? If we do not cleanse or fast then the answer is - never.

In this Blog, you will learn the benefits of detox, why you might need it for your body, how to get started, what you can do to assist your body while you detox and different detox program options.

5 Benefits of a Detox Program:

  • Resting the Organs Through Fasting

  • Stimulating the Liver to Drive Toxins From the Body

  • Promoting Elimination Through the Kidneys, Intestines (Digestive Tract) and Skin

  • Improving Circulation of the Blood

  • Refueling the Body with Nourishing Nutrients

How do you know which detox plan or cleanse is right for your body? Which is the best, safest and how long is best to do it? The truth is, sometimes the body is too stressed or sick to be able to handle cleansing. To be safe, always check with your healthcare provider to see what program is best for your body and when the right time is to do it. We, at Be Optimal, do just that. There is not a cookie cutter approach - we meet you where you are based on your health history and find what is right for you.

Signs/Symptoms That May Be An Indication That You Need To Detox:

  • Unexplained Fatigue

  • Sluggish Elimination/Constipation

  • Skin Irritations

  • Allergies

  • Stinky Body Odor

  • A ‘Foggy’ Brain

  • Inflammation and/or Swelling

  • Bloating

How Do You Start A Detox?

Start by eliminating food and habits that create a more toxic environment for your body. This includes eliminating things like caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, saturated fat, refined sugar, cow’s milk, wheat and corn - all of these create a toxicity and inflammation to the body. Additionally, it is important to look at your personal hygiene products and your household cleansers. Choose natural products to decrease the toxic load in and around you. Additionally, increase the amount of water that you drink to at least 64oz of water per day or more depending on your size/weight (32oz for every 50lbs of body weight - give or take).

Note that stress makes it additionally difficult for the body to detoxify and function at its best. While we realize that stress is part of life, there are tools that can support reducing stress and raising your capacity to handle it better like Meditation, Yoga, ChiGong and different types of exercise.

Help Your Body Detoxify By:

  • Increasing Intake of Fiber by Eating More Vegetables especially those that focus on detoxification like Chlorella, Spirulina, Seaweed, broccoli, artichokes, cabbage, etc.

  • Choose to Eat Organic, Grass-Fed, Hormone-Free Foods

  • Take Supportive Supplements for the Liver and the Digestive System like Glutathione (to drive away toxins), Burdock Root, Milk Thistle, Enzymes and Sporebiotics (Learn about specific supplements at our center - Be Optimal)

  • Sweat - Through Exercise and Infrared Sauna

  • Increase Your Water Intake

  • Transform Stress by Mindfully Breathing, Meditation, Receive a NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) Session and Get a Chiropractic Adjustment - to name a few.

Which Detox Program is Right for You?

Often it is said that 2-3 days of juicing followed by 5 days of a detox diet allows the system a full week to rest. Usually, 1 week of a program is a great start. Some programs are 3-4 weeks and are cycled with juicing, smoothies and a detox-type diet to really make great change in the body, decrease inflammation, honor the system and pull people into a greater state of health. All Cleanses, when finished, should be followed by eating clean like eating the “Whole 30 Diet,” Paleo or Keto - keeping processed foods out of the diet to continue to assist your body in continuing to heal, restore and thrive. Check out which “FAD” Diet is right for you HERE.

5 Programs For Detoxification:

  • Simple Fruit and Veggie Detox

  • Raw Vegan Cleanse

  • Juice Cleanse

  • Smoothie Cleanse

  • Sugar Detox - 2 week Carbohydrate Intolerance Test

The Be Optimal Doctors are here to help walk you through the process of Detoxification and choose a program that is right for you.

Sometimes we just don’t know how bad we feel until we start to feel GREAT! Let us help you get there. Inquire at anytime or Join us for our Dinner with The Docs talk this month! Register Here.

Inspired and Ready to Spring Clean,

Dr. Cari J.