“This Work Helped Me Get Pregnant…”  

After struggling through multiple miscarriages, I felt lost - emotionally and physically drained. I wanted to feel like myself again, and to feel connected to my husband. I wanted to be present for the two children I did have. Dr. Cari helped rebuild me. She not only addressed the physical, but the emotional and energetic work that needed to be done. She put me in touch with my spirituality. I regained my confidence, calm, faith and energy. I regained my health and finally felt balance and strength. Her work prepared me for a successful pregnancy and the gift of more children. I trust Dr. Cari and Dr. Abby throughly, and have seen the benefits of their work in my children as well. They have taught me what true health feels and looks like, something for which I am forever grateful.
— BB

“Crohn’s Disease Gone…”

Dr. Abby changed my life... because of her I was able to heal Crohn’s disease through diet, supplements and her expert adjustments. She also set me on a path to emotional and spiritual enlightenment. I love this woman!
— Taylor W.

“Dr. Cari and The Be Optimal Team Help My Whole Family…”

Be Optimal Holistic Health Center, and the entire team, is one of the most amazing places on this planet. I began working with Dr. Cari over 10 years ago. I will never be able to express the Gratitude and Love I feel toward Dr. Cari. It is truly Infinite!!! Not only has she taught me how to feel empowered, to speak my truth, and to follow my passions, but also how to optimally take care of my body/mind/spirit. Dr. Cari has impacted my whole family. She has compassionately worked with my four children since they were babies (one of them since the time he was in utero). She has taught each of them the importance of understanding the mind-body-spirit connection. They continue to learn, through treatments with Dr. Cari, that they have voices, choices, and the absolute ability to use them. Pure Love and pure acceptance take on a new meaning when you walk through the door at Be Optimal. Dr. Cari, we will forever be grateful to you and the love and support you show our family. You are an amazingly talented chiropractor and healer.
— EB

“Not Your Typical Chiropractor, Dr. Abby Helps Connect Brain and Body…”

Forget what you think and know about “ chiropractors” because Dr. Abby redefines the title! Dr. Abby guides you to an intimate connection between your brain and body that you did not even know existed. Not only will she help you to feel better physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Her amiable personality shines through as she guides you to balance; you have to experience it to understand! Alternative and preventative medicine is surging and Dr. Abby occupies the front line.
— Sean C.

“I Learned The Power Our Bodies Have to Heal…”

I believe in miracles because surely a woman, who was blind in one eye, lost the sense of smell and endured three surgeries in less than nine months should look like the walking wounded. I recently saw a friend that I had not seen in over 15 years; he had no idea of my experience and did not suspect a thing. As a matter of fact, he commented on how little I had changed. I am not promising that Dr. Cari can perform miracles, I am saying we have no idea the power our bodies have to heal when given the right support and holistic healing. Thank you Dr. Cari this experience certainly changed my life!
— TR