Get Through Allergy Season, Medication Free!

Allergies are such a common health issue, and while it may not seem serious, it affects so many people's lives (and their ability to enjoy the outdoors in spring!) In light of being in allergy season, I thought it would be beneficial to provide some tips + tricks to help you move through allergy season with more ease.

What Causes Allergies?

Allergies are a type of body reactivity (hypersensitivity) of the immune system that causes responses that can damage and effect the whole body. The body releases a histamine response, which creates the typical allergic response. This is why most allergy medications have an anti-histamine effect. This time of year, we are especially aware of allergies to pollens (flowers, trees, and grass).

Symptoms of Allergies

Common seasonal allergy symptoms include:

  • Skin rash

  • Hives

  • Itchyness

  • Congestion/Stuffy Nose

  • Watery eyes

  • Headache

Why Not Just Take Allergy Medication?

While allergy medication can be a helpful tool to get through the season, it does not fix the underlying cause of why the allergic response is present. It is important to work with a holistic practitioner to assess where the imbalances are in one's symptoms to help lessen or even resolve allergies. Remember, any symptom or health challenge is related to some sort of imbalance: structurally, biochemically, or emotionally. Read about natural ways to help curb allergies, below!

5 Ways to Support Seasonal Allergies

1. Change Your Diet

Since the allergic response in the body is highly related to inflammation, eating an anti-inflammatory diet is very important. MANY people notice after a night of eating "fun foods", their allergy response is horrible! There is a reason to this: common foods such as gluten, dairy, and sugar all cause the body to spike in inflammation, lower the immune response, and increase mucous production! For allergy support, I recommend removing (for a minimum of 1 month): gluten (wheat), sugar, corn, dairy, and soy. 

2. Support Your Liver

Liver health is crucial to processing allergens in our environment. There is a reason why many natural allergy support supplements come from either animal liver sources, or liver supporting herbs. Work with your healthcare practitioner to determine is supporting your liver is an important step in allergy prevention. To contact us regarding, this, click here!

3. Consume Local Raw + Organic Honey

The key here is that the honey MUST be local to your area! Taking 1 TBS/day of local honey, can help your body acclimate to local pollen, thus lowering the histamine response in the body. If you are a nerd like myself and enjoy research, check out this article which showed a 60% reduction in subjects allergies who consumed local honey daily.

4. Take a High Quality Probiotic

The gut dictates and estimated 80% of our immune response, and in the case of allergies the histamine reaction directly correlates to gut health. By taking probiotic support daily, and helping the microbiome of the gut be at its healthiest, you're also supporting allergies! Let alone, all the other wonderful benefits that come from taking a probiotic. At Be Optimal, our favorite is MegaSporeBiotic, and you can read more about it, here!

5. Use a Neti Pot

The neti pot is a very natural way to rid the nasal passages and sinuses of allergens and congestion. This method has been utilized all over the world for centuries, and for good reason! Stop by your local pharmacy and you can find a neti pot for purchase. When you use the neti pot, make sure the water is pure and distilled (not tap!).

I hope this post helps you and your family find allergy relief! Have any other tips? Leave them below in the comments! Remember, to consult your healthcare provider before beginning a new supplement or health protocol. And always, we are here to support you to thrive!

Dr. Abby Kramer, DC