Three Ways to Heal Your Gut, Naturally

The digestive tract is one of the most crucial aspects to one's health. Gut health links to the immune system (80% of the immune system is built in the gut), brain health, neurotransmitter (think feel-good hormones) creation, and more! Did you know that common conditions such as: allergies, eczema, anxiety, and even depression can be linked back to gut health? I often say, if I could support 1 body system on EVERYONE it would be the gut! Here are 3 simple ways to boost your gut health, naturally! Remember, to consult your healthcare practitioner before starting a new diet/supplement regimen.


Many people experience what is called "leaky gut". This means that the normally tightly packed cells that line the gut, have become porous, or leaky, thus resulting in inflammation and poor absorption, among other issues. One of my go-to recommendations is to take either l-glutamine or collagen powder (or both!) at the start of every day. Do this first thing in the morning to give your gut a nice gentle coating, helping it to heal and absorb the nutrients you are consuming on a daily basis. For high quality recommendations, stop by our office or check out our products online!


This is the hardest step for most people, but the MOST important! It is impossible to heal the gut, while eating an inflammatory diet. For 30 days, I recommend completely removing:

The reason behind these specific recommendations is inflammation. We want to eat anti-inflammatory foods, allowing the gut to heal properly. Remove these foods and watch your tummy troubles disappear! A great reference guide to eating whole, clean food is the Whole30 program, which I recommend to patients quite frequently.


It is crucial to have a healthy amount of good bacteria in the gut, and arguably everyone could benefit from taking a great quality probiotic. My favorite probiotics are spore based for their incredible resiliency (they actually survive the harsh acidic environment of the stomach, most don't), and great immune system benefits. Read about my favorite and most recommended brand, MegaSporeBiotic, here.

I hope these steps help aide you on your journey to a healthy digestive tract! By coating the lining of the gut, cleaning up the diet, and having plenty of good bacteria, all other body systems will benefit!

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Dr. Abby Kramer, DC