8 Ways to Stay Healthy All Winter Long

We’ve all heard that winter is the “season” for colds, the flu, and infections. But it doesn’t have to be! We see advertisements constantly for medications and shots, but what about boosting the immune system naturally to be able to fight off those pesky bugs and viruses that come around during the winter? We’re here to support your body to maintain optimal health, regardless of the season! Check out Dr. Abby’s top 8 ways to stay healthy all winter long!

  1. Get Adjusted

    The nervous system controls every function + system in our body, including the immune system! By keeping your spine healthy, and in alignment, everything functions better. This principle has been well documented, to check out some research about the benefits of chiropractic care for immune health, click here!

  2. Take a Cold Shower

    There are a slew of benefits to cold showers, and pumping up the immune system is one of them! Exposure to cold activates the white blood cells, which help fight viruses and infections. You can even start out by just switching your shower to cold for a couple minutes (or seconds) at the end of your shower and working your way up from there! To read more about the benefits of cold showering, click here.

  3. Infrared Sauna

    Infrared saunas help heat the body in a more gentle way than traditional steam saunas, and host a slew of positive benefits. It is estimated that regular use of sauna has a huge detoxifying and anti-inflammatory effect, which positively impacts the immune response in the body. Research is still being conducted to explore the benefits of infrared sauna, however we say the results speak for themselves! It never hurts to get a good sweat on and help your body release toxins and inflammation! Read more about infrared sauna, here!

  4. Clean Up Your Diet

    There’s no doubt, that a diet high in sugar and processed foods leads to a weakened immune system. We teach our patients to focus on eating whole foods daily, from the following groups: high quality protein, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats. Avoid anything containing ingredients you can’t pronounce! By putting good fuel in your body, your immune system will thank you! Looking to clean up your diet? We love the whole30 program!

  5. Take Supplements

    High quality, pharmaceutical grade supplements can most definitely positively impact immune health. Supplements from Costco or CVS? Not so much. Make sure you’re getting the best quality when it comes to supplementation from a trusted resource! Some of our favorite immune support supplements include:

    • Vitamin C

    • Vitamin D (you need at minimum 4,000IU per day just to maintain your levels!)

    • Zinc

    • Lauricidin (monolaurin)

    • MegaSporeBiotic (to support the gut/immune connection)

    • NET remedies: flu/immune (homeopathic)

    • Herbal remedies

  6. Ionic Foot Detox

    The Detox Foot Spa uses an ionizer placed in warm salt water, which creates negatively charged ions. These ions are absorbed through the feet and into the body, attaching themselves to the toxic substances and neutralizing them. These toxins are then released through the pores of the feet and into the water. This is a simple and relaxing way to support your body to detoxify! To learn more or schedule a foot detox, click here!

  7. Essential Oils

    Essential oils are a safe and effective way to help the body stay in balance, naturally. Our favorite blend for this time of year is the Immune Harmony oil by VerVita products. It’s a blend of several different oils that support immune health. You can use it topically, in a bath, footbath, or diffuser. You can also use it orally, but we don’t recommend that unless prescribed by a professional. Stop by the office and pick some up today, or learn more about it here!

  8. Reduce Stress

    When we are under increased stress levels (especially during the holidays!), we tend to experience sickness more often. This is why even during busy times it’s crucial to practice regular stress-reduction…however that looks like for you! Here are some of our favorite ways to reduce stress:

    • Exercise

    • Spend time in nature (EVEN in the winter!)

    • Get a massage

    • Meditate

    • Journal

    • Flotation therapy

    • Take a stay-cation (a day or two off at home can do the trick!)

    • Read a book for fun

    • Get on a personalized healing protocol at Be Optimal to stay your healthiest self!

I hope these tips can help you + your family have your healthiest winter yet! As always, we are here to support you in your health journey. Want to learn more? We’ll be teaching about immune health at this month’s Dinner with the Doctors, to learn more and RSVP, click here!

Dr. Abby Kramer, DC