The Be Optimal Difference - What Separates Us From The Rest

Often people come to us having already visited a slew of other doctors and practitioners and we are often asked what makes Be Optimal different. To begin, there is no cookie cutter approach to what we do. We meet people where they are each and every time they visit. Whether the person is a newborn baby, a teenager, or someone aged 90, we act like interpreters of the body’s symptoms helping to get to the root cause.

We, at Be Optimal, see symptoms as a smoke signal indicating that there is a fire some place and we work to find the root cause of where that fire is and why it started in the first place. Symptoms like headaches, stomach pain, anxiety, digestive issues, allergies, depression, high blood pressure and arthritis are all gifts in strange wrapping paper telling us to “Pay Attention!” If we do not listen and continue to cover up that symptom, the body often speaks louder with increased frequency or more symptoms. We just don’t know what we don’t know until we know it…and Be Optimal is here to help.

For some, it is quite simple and in a few sessions, they are feeling enormously better and for others, it is a bit more complex. Either way, we are on an evolutionary health journey working to get to a state of maintenance care/prevention. We are not in a race. It takes 13 months to regenerate down to the bone marrow so no matter what we are feeling, we need to allow our body time to get to a new state of Being!

Once there, we want to maintain it. Just as we brush our teeth (hopefully) twice a day to prevent cavities, we want to continue with chiropractic and wellness care as preventative to keep our body in balance, feel joy and continue to handle the stress in our daily lives with more ease and grace.

How do we do this???

  • Applied Kinesiology along with MANY other techniques

  • Education

  • Empowerment

Applied Kinesiology is the base of our work. It utilizes muscles testing as a tool to help us decipher and navigate the complexity of the patient’s body. It also looks at the body using the “triad of health” meaning we look at the structural, biochemical/nutritional and emotional/stress components and how it affects us. Our approach at Be Optimal is truly holistic.

The doctors at Be Optimal utilize 10-20 different modalities to work to balance the sides of the triad and help the patient back to a state of balance. We believe that when the body is in balance, we thrive. Sometimes it takes a team of people to help make this happen. We are dedicated to finding the best treatment plan for you to achieve your health goals.

Education is key! Doctor in latin means “To Teach.” At Be Optimal, we are committed to educating our patients to learn what lifestyle changes will assist in their wellbeing while we work to reconnect, detoxify and rebuild the systems of the body. Education gives us understanding for why certain changes are necessary. Additionally, it gives us tools to make the changes with as much ease as possible. We have established an incredible community of like-minded people working to really be their best self. At Be Optimal, you can maximize your experience by attending classes and workshops to make connections in our community, share ideas and feel supported on your health journey.

Empowerment or feeling empowered is an integral part of getting to a state of thriving. it is not the job of the practitioner to make the changes for the individual. We all have a choice. If someone feels lost or is giving their power to the practitioner to do it all for them, they are not going to see the best possible results. Similarly, if a patient is not connected to their passion and doesn’t feel excited about living life - they will likely find that it feels really hard to be committed to getting healthy and making necessary lifestyle changes. If this is the case, the doctors at Be Optimal may need to start here to set that person up for success.

We are committed to providing the highest quality in holistic healthcare, helping individuals, couples and families to thrive! Check out all the different techniques we practice and never hesitate to contact us with any of your questions.

Also, our monthly Dinner with the Doctors class is always a great way to learn more about how our work can make a difference in your life and the life of your family and friends.

We look forward to meeting and serving you!

Dr. Cari