6 Ways to Stay Truly Connected - Mind, Body + Spirit!

In our bodies, anything can cause anything because everything is connected. Our body is dynamic and complex and truly linked to all aspects of our Being - Mind, Body and Spirit. At Be Optimal, we work holistically because we literally see how each aspect affects the other and that one symptom may have a root cause of one thing for one person and something completely different for another.

For example, sometimes you get a common cold and you might blame it on the fact that there are a lot of people around you with a cold. However, there are often other times that you do not get the cold even when there are plenty of others around you sneezing all over. Why does that happen?

Did you get the common cold because:

A) Someone got sick that was near you and you on some level in your mind consciously or subconsciously decided…”Oh no, Now I’m going to get sick” and you created it?

B) Lowered your immune system because you ate Halloween candy and continued to eat the candy, the sugar, gluten, dairy and junk food all the way through December and onward?

C) You generally run run run and do not get enough sleep, drink much water, exercise/sweat, or choose good quality foods?

It could be one or all of the above and at Be Optimal it is the specificity for each individual that makes this work exciting and unique. However, there are ways to support your ‘Holistic’ connection that can help you get not only to a place with no symptoms but to really gain true Health + Vitality. Your effort is required…How, you ask???

1) Meditate. The only wrong way to meditate is to not do it at all. The most important thing is to try something for even 1-2 minutes per day as a start. Whether you choose to meditate in silence, with music, staring at a lit candle or using an app for a guided meditation - find something that suits you for that moment. Set a timer so you can fully be present to slowing down for those few minutes. The goal of meditation is NOT to stop your thoughts but rather to pause and become present to where you are, what you notice and how you feel. This small gift to yourself can and will create a better day for your whole Being allowing you to literally feel more connected not only to yourself but to everything that you do that day.

2) Sleep. When you rest, you restore. This is the time for your mind and body to regenerate. This may mean turn off your electronic devices, put them on airplane mode or even turn off the circuit breaker completely. The electomagnetics have been shown to affect your ability to have deep quality sleep. Give yourself a break from it all! Even better, turn off or stop using technology 2 hours prior to sleep so the brain stimulation can stop and you can begin to relax and come to a more peaceful place for a delicious restful sleep. Are you getting at least 7-8 hours a night? If not, work on going to bed a little earlier. Your body will thank you.

3) Eat Clean - Get OFF of Sugar + Drink Water! Sugar (and sugar foods like breads, pies, cakes, pastas) can biochemically cause depression and make people feel brain fog creating an inability to focus especially for long periods of time. It also weakens the immune system. When we eat crap, we feel like crap. Our body is 70-90% water so giving your body good quality water with frequency allows the whole body to function with more ease and clarity. Choose to put GREAT fuel into your body. You will see how well you can run. (By the way, only doing this for a day or a week doesn’t often give you long lasting or noticeable results…really commit to this - it is SO important)

4) Exercise + Sweat. Research has shown that people that exercise have greater capacity to handle stress, are more productive and in general feel happier. When we move our bodies, we keep our movement in life. When our body is more balanced, we seem to experience more balance in life. It is important to keep our circulation flowing. Additionally, when we sweat we are able to seriously rid our body of excessive amounts of toxins. Better out than in! If you are less toxic (literally), how would you NOT be happier?!

5) Get a Chiropractic Adjustment. It has been shown that the body’s immune system is boosted up to 30% with a chiropractic adjustment. It creates greater flow in the body and better communication from your brain to body and body to brain. Who doesn’t want that?!?! People usually leave with a sensation of feeling lighter and clearer like they have greater capacity to handle the stress in their life. Adjustments allow the innate intelligence of your body to work for (not against) you and to help your being find a greater state of balance. Yes, please!

6) HAVE FUN! It is so important to the spirit of your being to live your life with passion, to do things that fulfill you and to have fun in your moments. Don’t forget this…it is so important in helping you to attain balance and joy in your life. OWN YOUR POWER - Start NOW! :)

The most important thing is to do SOMETHING for your Being…baby step into it. A bit for the mind, body and spirit can go a LONG way! We will expand and discuss more at our Dinner with the Doctors, Tuesday night November 13th, 2018. Hope to see you there!

With Connection and Love,

Dr. Cari