Women's Health: How to Prevent Dis-Ease

With October being breast cancer awareness month, we decided to focus on how women can be in a space of preventative care! Because less than 1% of disease is truly genetic, we can absolutely change our environment and drastically reduce the chances of ending up with a chronic disease. Even though this month is focused on women's health, all of these tips apply to men, too! This month, I'll break up ways to prevent dis-ease into 3 categories: structural, chemical, and emotional!


The nervous system controls every function of our body! Think about it, would any part of the body work without the brain? Nope! That's why we recommend everyone seek out regular Chiropractic care for the health of your all important nervous system. By maintaining proper alignment, the whole body functions better including the immune system, detoxification pathways, and hormones. Plus, it feels awesome! Other ways to maintain the structure of the body, in order to be optimally healthy include: regular exercise, massage, and infared sauna sessions to promote detoxification.


There is no question, that chronic disease rates have skyrocketed, as have the level of toxins in our environment. There are SO many ways to lower the toxic load we are exposed to, thus reducing the chances of dis-ease down the line. Women especially, need to be careful of cosmetic and beauty products! With cosmetics, look for mineral based products with limited ingredients. Buying shampoo? Find one free of parabens and sulfates! Skincare? Look for organic products with a low chemical count. Our favorite line of skin care products is Eminence Organics...trust us on this one!

With breast cancer on the rise, it's also very important for women to use an aluminum free and chemical free underarm deodorant. While research has not proven there is a direct link, we recommend avoiding applying a known toxin directly to the underarms, which can be easily be absorbed into the body via the lymphatic system (a common area for breast cancer to occur). Here are a few of our favorite natural deodorant options (which actually work! we've tried them all!)

Now that you've switched out products for healthier options, diet is another crucial aspect of health to consider. With all the natural products in the world, it is impossible to maintain health and prevent disease if eating a poor diet high in processed foods. We recommend eating organic and whole foods! This includes: protein (grass fed when at all possible!), vegetables, healthy fats, and fruit. Avoid: processed sugars, wheat, dairy, corn, and soy. Our favorite resource to start the journey to healthy eating is the Whole30 program. Unfortunately so much of our food is contaminated with toxic pesticides and genetically modified, which have been hypothesized to cause cancer as well as other chronic diseases. In fact, Monsanto just lost a $289 million dollar law suit and had to pay a man with terminal leukemia due to exposure to roundup (America's most popular pesticide!)

Of course, it is beneficial to get put on a specific protocol to help detox chemicals from your body. At Be Optimal, we have a wide variety of tools and supplements to promote detoxification. To schedule a personalized session to get on a protocol specific to you, click here! In addition, we offer ionic foot detoxification baths, which are a great aide to better your health, anytime!


There is no doubt that stress plays a crucial role in our health. Many people who experience chronic disease, may notice that symptoms begin to show during times of high stress. In fact, in many cases chronic disease shows up as a result of chronic stress: physically or emotionally. It is absolutely necessary to have a regular practice that helps you decompress! Here are some of our favorite ways to live life a little less stressed:

  • Meditation

  • Spend time in nature

  • Take adequate vacation time/days off

  • Flotation Therapy

  • Massage

  • Make time for FUN!

  • Receive regular mind/body stress reduction sessions utilizing Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) or the Lifeline Technique.

We hope by applying these tips you can live life as a healthier version of yourself! Want to learn more? Attend this months Dinner with the Doctors (Free event!). RSVP + learn more, here! Hope to see you there!

Dr. Abby Kramer, DC