Steps to a Happier Healthier Heart

Heart Health: A hot topic that tends to come up especially in the month of February perhaps more in the way of "my heart sings" or "my heart is broken" with that sweetheart of a holiday Valentine's Day.  The truth is, our heart is affected in so many ways which can lead people to be misdirected and grasp to any idea they think might help.  The problem with that is there is a lot of brilliant commercialized 'heart health' marketing out there that get people hopeful and excited with little to no shift in their health. 

At Be Optimal, we work holistically meaning we observe, support and shift our patient's health using the 'Triad of Health.'  The intention of this blog is to guide you with some simple solutions to support you toward a healthier heart physically, emotionally and the name of longevity and protecting the "QUEEN BEE" - Our Heart!

From our heart to yours...we hope this helps! 

Steps to Support Your PHYSICAL Heart:

1. Exercise: Get 2-3 days per week of 'circulating' exercise - meaning get your body moving and your blood circulating even if it is for just 10-15 minutes.  Yoga, Walking, Strength Training, Dancing, Jumping, or any Cardio Exercise all work in this category. Movement and Circulation are key!

2. BEMER: What??? BEMER (Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation).  It is a Class II Medical Device that supports an increase in the body's micro-circulation. 75% of the body is made up of micro-circulation. This is where oxygen and nutrients get delivered to the cells and where carbon dioxide and waste products are released. If there is a blockage, that cannot happen very easily. Bottom line, our circulation NEEDS to be circulating and BEMER assists with that!  We have one! Please inquire because if you can't get to us, we will assist you in finding someone in your area that has one so you can try it.  

3. Heart Rate Monitor: DO NOT push yourself to a high heart rate range when doing your exercise. Wear a heart rate monitor while you workout. Measure your heart at 180-Age minus 5 vs. the 220 number often given and used at gyms. Example: If you are 30 years old, your target heart rate is 145 and the range would be 140-145 to keep your heart muscle safe and building up like any other muscle.  Additionally, it will help you burn more fat not sugars which prevents Carb cravings after a workout.  This is based off the work of Dr. Phil Maffetone a famous doc who re-trained Olympic athletes to break world records.

Steps to Support Your EMOTIONAL Heart:

1. Write a Letter and Burn It. If you are experiencing a heart break or stress from a loved one in some way shape or form - YOU GOTTA GET IT OUT! What we resist, persists.  We tend to build walls that can ultimately prevent more love from coming in.  Your job: Write a letter to that person...NOT to give to the person but for get EVERYTHING you feel off your chest (or heart - wink wink)...what you hate, love, what annoys you...whatever...write it ALL down and once you feel totally complete...find a way to safely burn it. VERY THERAPEUTIC! :)

2. Meditate.  Get yourself present. Breathe.  Breathe your own breath...we so rarely do it.  2 minutes/day...if you choose to do it for longer, by all means.  Set an alarm so you can be fully present for your 2 minutes or however long you choose. Observe your thoughts.

NOTE: Meditation is NOT about getting rid of thoughts and clearing your mind.  My husband, Darrell Jones, "the Meditation Guy" once explained it like this: If you are standing at the edge of a busy is REALLY intense. You might hold your breath, you can't quite see the big picture. Meditation is simply stepping back from the busy highway enough to observe, breathe, possibly even bring your attention to something else because the passing cars aren't right in your face.  

Ideas: Light a candle, stare at the flame. Play nice music. Find an App and be guided. Take advantage of those 2 minutes that you gift to yourself. Make sure to take at least 3-5 very big inhales and exhales.  See if your days begin to feel lighter, allow you to be more present or create a better state of flow all the way around. There are many benefits to meditation one being that it helps create less stress. Less Stress = Better Health. Give it a go!

Steps to Support the BIOCHEMICAL Heart:

1. FOODS TO EAT/FOODS TO AVOID: Eat GOOD FAT such as fatty fish like Salmon (wild, of course), avocado and soaked raw nuts like almonds.  Additionally, foods like chocolate as long as it is 70% dark chocolate (careful with quantity), greens and organic blueberries can be helpful to your heart health.  You can NEVER go wrong with more vegetables in your diet. Many people believe that grains, like oats, are great for your heart. In our practice, we find  that grains tend to be overeaten and can be inflammatory for many people as well.  Avoid inflammatory foods. The big ones are wheat/gluten, cow's milk dairy and fried foods.   

2. Take Supportive Supplements: I recently read an article about a preventive cardiologist out of New Jersey who swears by Resveratrol...the component found in red wine. "Health Freedom News" Winter 2017 Vol 35 No. 5 has a very interesting interview with this doctor that supports so much of what we do and how we offer preventative care to our patients. He has the lowest number of surgeries and the healthiest patients by supporting the preventive model.  My feeling is don't just take away a symptom...the symptom is the smoke signal...but where is the fire?  Help re-build the system and prevent a major incident from ever happening.  Everything in this blog can support this model.  Supplements help too. 

So, Resveratrol is said to be the "Fountain of Youth" and an anti-aging supplement. This doctor references the Longevinex brand.  We have it in a liquid product called is DELICIOUS!  Other supplements for your heart are Co-Q10, Omega 3 Fish Oil, Magnesium, Niacin, vitamin K and anti-oxidant vitamins - the best is Molecular Hydrogen. The product, RECOVERY is just that...I've found no better. There are MANY benefits to taking Molecular Hydrogen. I can write an entire blog on the phenomenal properties of this product alone!  It is AWESOME!

Where to begin??? You choose...but choose something...start TODAY!  Why wait another minute? 

Ignite Yourself to a Happy Healthy Heart!

Dr. Cari Jacobson