Shamanic Healing Circle & Drum Journey Registration

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Shamanic Healing Circle & Drum Journey Registration

65.00 75.00

Sunday, October 14th: 1pm - 4pm

In The Expression Studio At Be Optimal

Registration for 1 Person. Price will increase to $75 after October 1st.

Join Katherine Skaggs, shamanic practitioner and visionary artist for an event of awakening the Heart through shamanic healing work and drum journey to gain wisdom.

The shamanic healing circle is dedicated to a sacred community space for raising your vibration and your ability to experience balance, harmony and joy.

Shamanic healing circles give great support, especially in rocky times and chaotic challenges.

Katherine will open a medicine wheel, calling the allies and energies of support. You will be cleaned and cleared individually and collectively within the group experience. Katherine will use sacred smudge or sacred tobacco to clean your aura, and offer agua de florida (flower water with prayers) to raise your vibration. Various shamanic instruments such as drums, rattles, feathers, and prayers will be used in the process to raise your frequency and restore your soul. After the initial cleansing, a drum journey will be offered to connect to wisdom, vision and support of the Divine to assist you on your path.

This circle is a beautiful and sacred container to clean out the old energies that do not serve you, as well as to support your true essence shining brightly.

3 days or more are requested if you need to cancel your registration. 100% Refunds will be issued with at least 24 hour notice. Unable to refund if less than 24 hour notice is given.

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