Dinner With The Doctors: Live Recordings

Watch The Live Recordings Of Our Previous Dinner With The Doctors!

March 12th, 2019

Diets & Cleanses: Finding The Right Program For You

Early in the year, everyone wants to start a new diet regimen. This can include cleanses, diets, fasting, calorie counting, and more. In this health workshop, we’ll help educate on how to find the right program for you to increase energy, health, vitality, and reduce weight. Featuring guest speaker, Carly Feldmeier, MScN.

February 12th, 2019

Heart Health + Movement

For the month of “love”, we decided to focus on the heart! We will be teaching about how to boost your heart health naturally, as well as the importance that movement plays on keeping the heart healthy and strong. We collaborated with dance movement therapist, Erica Hornthal, who guided the class through simple strategies to keep your body moving throughout the day, even without a trip to the gym!

January 8th, 2019

Beat The Winter Blues, Naturally

Seasonal depression, or feeling “blue” is very common during this time of year! In this class we will focus on how to beat the winter blues naturally, leaving you feeling motivated, energized, and happy all winter long! Featuring guest speakers, owners and creators of the Dream Spa light therapy device Yvonne Hedeker and David Allen! Learn about how holistic medicine and light therapy can keep you + your family feeling your best!