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DAMIAN PEREZ, Patient Support Specialist

Damian is very passionate about his work in supporting both staff and patients here at Be Optimal. He has always worked in customer service and is very thankful that he is able to help make a healthy difference in other's lives.  He has been so inspired by the healing work witnessed at Be Optimal that Damian now desires to go back and study Chiropractic in college.  

Damian has a background in yogic teaching/beliefs with over 7 years of personal practice and has studied several healing modalities. Over the last five years while he has helped co-manage a yoga studio in Chicago, he also received training in Cranio-Sacral Therapy & LifeLine Technique and has been certified in Usui Reiki & Therapeutic Sound Healing. Damian's goal is to study and merge together Chiropractic, Holistic care, and Oriental Medicine with the techniques he has learned over the last few years.